“Physical rehabilitation is as essential for canines recovering from injury, illness, surgery or disability – as it is for humans.” ~ Susan D. Mize, PT, CCRP ~

Welcome to Hampton Roads Pet Rehabilitation

Hampton Roads Pet Rehabilitation offers the highest quality of rehabilitative services for your pet; provided by State Medical Board Licensed and University Certified, skilled, experienced and dedicated therapists. The passion we have for our work is derived of the love we have for all animals. Our mission is to help animals and those who love and care for them achieve and maintain the very best life has to offer.

Animals experience many of the same illnesses, injuries and medical conditions humans experience; and they benefit from a rehab program in much the same ways. They may be prescribed some of the same types of treatments, while some creativity is necessary in the prescription of therapeutic exercises and functional activities.

The field of Veterinary Rehabilitation is rapidly expanding, as research demonstrates the benefits of treatment provided by credentialed rehab professionals. Early intervention results in a more rapid return to function with improved outcomes and prevention of complications.

Benefits of Canine Rehabilitation

  • Decreased pain and inflammation

  • Increased range of motion, strength and endurance

  • Restoration of normal gait, movement patterns and functional activities

  • Optimal wound healing and scar tissue management

  • Training and reconditioning for working, athlete and agility dogs

  • Home modifications, diet and weight control

  • Decreased stress and depression

  • Owner education and professional guidance

  • Ongoing communication between Veterinarian, Owner and Therapist


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